Moving to Florida

I will be taking a short hiatus as I travel from Washington state to Florida (College opportunities there). In fact, if its the Lord’s will, i hope to attend R.C. Sproul’s new college, Reformation Bible College. There will most likely not be any new post for a few weeks. In the mean time God bless and I hope you all have a wonderful summer!


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I write from the historic protestant worldview, that is, Reformed, specifically the conservatism within that tradition. That noble line extends from Edmund Burke to F.J. Stahl, Groen van Prinsterer to Abraham Kuyper, Herman Bavinck to H.R. Rookmaaker. View all posts by Daniel Mason

3 responses to “Moving to Florida

  • jwswift22

    Hope you have a blessed time. I always enjoy your posts.

  • jwswift22

    As a Canadian i am having a very hard time watching the loss of Americas constitutional rights and civil liberties. Many of us up here are wondering why Americans are letting it happen. I pray for my American Brethren. Beware of media spin.

    • masondan

      I share a similar concern, but perhaps for a different reason. What concerns me is not so much the mere fact of it happening but the why. Far too many people are wrapped in sex, drugs, and MTV, with everything being given to them from the government that they dare not bite the hand that feeds them. People would rather live with their heads in the clouds, and this all is very concerning to me. “My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.” Hosea 4:6 I do hope that that was not grossly taken out of context; it does help vocalize my concern. Ignorance is hardly ever a commendable thing.

      But I think that if a person has a VALID, (key words being valid, honorable, and biblical) reason for laying something aside, I cannot condemn the man for it. If I must lay down my right to eat meat, that I may never cause my brother to stumble, then I will gladly give up my right to eat meat. Your thoughts and concerns are always greatly appreciated. Looking forward to getting into a great conversation about such, Lord willing that is.

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