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A church in India destroyed, brick by brick by 1000 of the town’s people and they beat the pastor, his mother and congregants

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Mission Network News shares a lot of stories of angry mobs attacking churches. There are so many incidents that sometimes one blurs into another.

This time, though, it feels more personal.

A story from Gospel For Asia shares an attack on a church in Haryana State, located in northern India. K. P. Yohannan, Gospel for Asia’s (GFA) founder and president, says while the state doesn’t have an anti-conversion law on the books, the antagonism toward Christians is so strong that it’s nearly palpable.

First of all, the congregation went through the proper channels for building a church. Usually, people will leave the building alone because, as Yohannan puts it, “No one wants to damage the building because of the religious sentiment of the people.”

This church group got the permits they needed and began building. “The believers themselves give of their labor, working hard day and night…

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Dude looks like a lady: Traitor Bradley Manning wants to be ‘Chelsea’

Sex changes becoming more and more common. We are forced to question what is a man and what is a woman; in the midst of all this gender confusion. I pray that we look long and hard for the answers, with a sober mind set ourselves to the task. Let me know what y’all think.

Sifting Reality

Bradley Manning, the man who divulged classified information to the website Wikilinks, has since disclosed his desire for sex reassignment.  You see, Bradley now wants to be referred to as ‘Chelsea’.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.  But on top of his psychological disorder, he wants the U.S. military (U.S. taxpayer) to fund his psychosis.  Is there any rationale, which isn’t connected to political correctness which could be employed to defend this?

Well, the ACLU has made a statement regarding Manning and the military’s thus far refusal to provide hormone therapy and reassignment surgery.

(ACLU) — Yesterday, Private Manning was sentenced to serve 35 years in military prison. After sentencing, Manning issued a statement, in which she bravely called for a more just society and stated that if she is not pardoned, she “will serve [her] time knowing that sometimes you have to pay a…

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Mom With a Mission

Posted with permission from anonymous contributor. God bless!


“Spiderman! Hurry! I need your help. There are radioactive blobs stuck to the kitchen floor, and if they aren’t removed right away, our entire family could be destroyed!” If there is one thing my five-year-old superhero responds to with enthusiasm, it’s being given a “mission.”


He chooses his weapons from our under-the-sink arsenal: a green sponge and a pink plastic scrubber. Last time, it was a pair of makeshift scrub brush “skates” fastened onto his bare feet with shoelaces. Soon he is busy disarming bombs, saving the household from certain death. Petrified Cheerios are soaked and pried from their linoleum minefield; dangerous, sticky Kook-Aid spots are de-activated. Sugary deposits under the table are safely neutralized with our top-secret formula (dare I tell you?—a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid!).


Even Spidey’s baby brother has joined in the campaign against evil, as he takes up his own weapon (a wet rag) against the highly volatile, stubborn wall splatters that surround his high chair.


In the next room, I blithely wield my feather duster, smug and satisfied, secretly patting myself on the back for my ingenious maneuvering of these sometimes-unruly little ones. “How clever I am,” I think to myself. “I’ve made it all into a game. They’re having the time of their lives, and I’m getting my floors scrubbed!”


Meanwhile up in Heaven, an angel turns to God with an amused face. “How did You manage to get her to do Your will so easily? Look at her: changing diapers, picking up dirty socks…the same chores that so many moms consider drudgery. Yet there she is, grinning and humming to herself as if she couldn’t be happier! How do You do it?”


“It was nothing,” the Lord smiles fondly. “After all, it’s not hard to motivate someone who has a ‘mission in life.'”

I’m Back!

Just making a short post letting y’all know that I have gotten settled down, now have internet and will begin posting again here shortly. God bless!

Moving to Florida

I will be taking a short hiatus as I travel from Washington state to Florida (College opportunities there). In fact, if its the Lord’s will, i hope to attend R.C. Sproul’s new college, Reformation Bible College. There will most likely not be any new post for a few weeks. In the mean time God bless and I hope you all have a wonderful summer!