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Double standards for men and women: drunk sex and domestic violence

Interesting article that exposes a lot of things. I must yet disagree with the conclusions that author of this post came to. I hope to write more about it later. Also I want to encourage you to read the comments that people wrote on his post….

Sifting Reality

Not long ago TV counselor Dr. Phil asked a question via Twitter which was quickly deleted:

dr phil

When I first saw it I didn’t get the impression that he was implying it was OK to have sex with drunk girls (or that he was asking “for a friend”).  I had figured he was trying to gauge public opinion for a future show.  There are enough men out there, most likely on college campuses, who wouldn’t think it unethical to have sex with a girl who was drunk.  So in this regard his question has merit.

More than this, I also think there is a tendency to overlook that the majority of men who would have sex with a girl who is drunk is probably drunk himself.  This facet rarely makes its way into the discussion.  All to often when both the guy and the girl are at a party drinking it…

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Re-Blogged: Men and Daddies

Re-blogged from The Diary of a Slave

Throughout the years, as I have grown into a man, married and had children, I have noticed a disturbing trend. This trend, to be completely frank about it, is feminist geared and straight from the pits of hell. I have noticed:

  • Men are being neutered
  • Men are being persecuted by the woman who, in this society has the power and gumption to take on anyone and not stop until they have achieved their goals.
  • Fathers are being fazed out.
  • Husbands are being forced to be sit down and be quiet while the wife goes to work, leads the church and runs for gov’t.
  • Men are being told, ‘We don’t even need your sperm anymore’.

What is a man supposed to do? God has clear commandments for us to follow and society has made it nearly impossible to do so. What are we supposed to do? This page will attempt through the Holy Spirit to guide us, instruct us and encourage us to be the men God has destined us to be. This won’t be about using chainsaws, swigging back beer and growing a great big beard, it will be about following Christ’s example, and treating those around us the way THE MAN of men did. He is our hero, our champion, let us follow in His gigantic footsteps, shall we?

“My main ambition in life is to be on the devil’s most wanted list.”


December 3, 2010

Men, are you taking care of your homes? I know you are good at taking care of your employees, stocks and such, but what about home? What about your children and wife?

John MacArthur does a wonderful sermon on this very subject. To listen to it, click HERE

To download this sermon in MP3, click HERE

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Thoughts on Raising Children, Boys as Boys and Girls as Girls…..

Humans have a natural tendency to be cliquish, we are all aware of this, and we have this notion that they are always destructive and harmful. Well, I would like to submit that this is not always so. There is a ‘man’ clique and a ‘woman’ clique. And I will dare to say that these cliques are both good and healthy. Yes it means rejection, and yes rejection is painful and unpleasant, but it is not as destructive as one might think. If a man tries to join the ‘woman’ clique, and finds that they reject him, but that the men are welcoming and inviting logic says it is rather simple as to where he will go. And vise versa. But suppose the opposite, say that a woman is rejected in the ‘woman’ clique and is accepted and esteemed in the ‘man’ clique. It is also fairly simple to understand this dynamic.

There is this idea that rejection will hurt ones self-esteem, and true, I would say this is true. But I will also submit that this is perfectly ok and acceptable. Take for example, the number one reason men are so scared to ask a woman out on a date; fear of rejection. And yet we find that this is not an acceptable excuse or reason for a man to be cowardly. It is not healthy to always live in fear of rejection. What we need is for men and women to stand up, and tell the opposite sex to get back into their groups. A man doing all the things a woman does and being womanly about it, does not, and never will, make him ‘equal’ to a woman, for equality does equal uniformity or sameness. And a woman doing all the things a man does and being manly while doing it, will never make her ‘equal’ to a man. Equality is, at its most basic and important level, never derived from any action or quality. Neither man nor woman can add to their value, their intrinsic value that is assigned by God. True, man does assign value, and he always will. He will do so from his own limited view and it will always be faulty, because as man; and therefore a created being; he is vastly limited in his sight. No, people will never understand equality if they do not perceive and understand it from the eyes of the Creator. But, yet again, we have a tendency to let other people define things for us, to include this modern phenomenon that equality must mean sameness, or acceptence into the ‘clique’. No, I will argue that there should be cliques that differentiate men and women, and we see this natural tendency in children. Boys will build a fort and it’s a ‘boys only’. And we find that girls will do the same thing, refuse to let the boys into their domain. This is a natural and healthy thing that I will argue must not be fought. I say that if a child is all upset, about being kicked out of the ‘club’ then good; then would be a prime time to try to encourage them to join yours. Assuming of course that your child should join your ‘club’ that is.