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True Fulfillment as a Woman

Various different articles, studies, and research has shown us how to find happiness as women. A myth has been being perpetuated that women need to have a successful career in order to find meaning and happiness. Working at home helping your husband will bring greater joy, peace, and happiness for everyone.

1. Women abandoning home and children has created guilt on an epidemic scale.

2. Women now struggle with decreased overall happiness.

3. Mothers are more strained and exhausted.

4. Women are chasing an elusive happiness in a hamster wheel.

5. “They are to teach what is good…working at home.” Titus 2:4-5 God knows what we need; that is where we find happiness.

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Is It Right For God to Murder Women and Children?

Mom With a Mission

Posted with permission from anonymous contributor. God bless!


“Spiderman! Hurry! I need your help. There are radioactive blobs stuck to the kitchen floor, and if they aren’t removed right away, our entire family could be destroyed!” If there is one thing my five-year-old superhero responds to with enthusiasm, it’s being given a “mission.”


He chooses his weapons from our under-the-sink arsenal: a green sponge and a pink plastic scrubber. Last time, it was a pair of makeshift scrub brush “skates” fastened onto his bare feet with shoelaces. Soon he is busy disarming bombs, saving the household from certain death. Petrified Cheerios are soaked and pried from their linoleum minefield; dangerous, sticky Kook-Aid spots are de-activated. Sugary deposits under the table are safely neutralized with our top-secret formula (dare I tell you?—a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid!).


Even Spidey’s baby brother has joined in the campaign against evil, as he takes up his own weapon (a wet rag) against the highly volatile, stubborn wall splatters that surround his high chair.


In the next room, I blithely wield my feather duster, smug and satisfied, secretly patting myself on the back for my ingenious maneuvering of these sometimes-unruly little ones. “How clever I am,” I think to myself. “I’ve made it all into a game. They’re having the time of their lives, and I’m getting my floors scrubbed!”


Meanwhile up in Heaven, an angel turns to God with an amused face. “How did You manage to get her to do Your will so easily? Look at her: changing diapers, picking up dirty socks…the same chores that so many moms consider drudgery. Yet there she is, grinning and humming to herself as if she couldn’t be happier! How do You do it?”


“It was nothing,” the Lord smiles fondly. “After all, it’s not hard to motivate someone who has a ‘mission in life.'”

Bullies, Schools & The Sodomite Agenda – Reflections on the TDSB Anti-violence Initiative

Thoughts on Raising Children, Boys as Boys and Girls as Girls…..

Humans have a natural tendency to be cliquish, we are all aware of this, and we have this notion that they are always destructive and harmful. Well, I would like to submit that this is not always so. There is a ‘man’ clique and a ‘woman’ clique. And I will dare to say that these cliques are both good and healthy. Yes it means rejection, and yes rejection is painful and unpleasant, but it is not as destructive as one might think. If a man tries to join the ‘woman’ clique, and finds that they reject him, but that the men are welcoming and inviting logic says it is rather simple as to where he will go. And vise versa. But suppose the opposite, say that a woman is rejected in the ‘woman’ clique and is accepted and esteemed in the ‘man’ clique. It is also fairly simple to understand this dynamic.

There is this idea that rejection will hurt ones self-esteem, and true, I would say this is true. But I will also submit that this is perfectly ok and acceptable. Take for example, the number one reason men are so scared to ask a woman out on a date; fear of rejection. And yet we find that this is not an acceptable excuse or reason for a man to be cowardly. It is not healthy to always live in fear of rejection. What we need is for men and women to stand up, and tell the opposite sex to get back into their groups. A man doing all the things a woman does and being womanly about it, does not, and never will, make him ‘equal’ to a woman, for equality does equal uniformity or sameness. And a woman doing all the things a man does and being manly while doing it, will never make her ‘equal’ to a man. Equality is, at its most basic and important level, never derived from any action or quality. Neither man nor woman can add to their value, their intrinsic value that is assigned by God. True, man does assign value, and he always will. He will do so from his own limited view and it will always be faulty, because as man; and therefore a created being; he is vastly limited in his sight. No, people will never understand equality if they do not perceive and understand it from the eyes of the Creator. But, yet again, we have a tendency to let other people define things for us, to include this modern phenomenon that equality must mean sameness, or acceptence into the ‘clique’. No, I will argue that there should be cliques that differentiate men and women, and we see this natural tendency in children. Boys will build a fort and it’s a ‘boys only’. And we find that girls will do the same thing, refuse to let the boys into their domain. This is a natural and healthy thing that I will argue must not be fought. I say that if a child is all upset, about being kicked out of the ‘club’ then good; then would be a prime time to try to encourage them to join yours. Assuming of course that your child should join your ‘club’ that is.