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Thoughts on the Death of a Friend

One of my good friends has passed away in a drowning accident. The pastor whom he was planning on visiting next year in Brazil wrote about it on his blog, I hope that you will take the time to read it, I hope that it will be found to be edifying.




Ernest, the mortal, is gone. I am sad because even though I knew him for a short while I saw a young man of faith. He was a blessing to have around. He was always willing to help and because of his strength, energy, and attitude his help was appreciated.


“Those legs that now can nimbly run,

Shall then with faintness fail

To take one step, death’s dart to shun,

When he doth thee assail.” (Bunyan)


He wanted to grow and progress in life. He told me that he wanted to become an engineer so he could invent and create. He wanted to build things. He wanted to learn more about His God and His Word. He wanted to be a blessing to his family and see them at peace with God and each other. He wanted to be a true man in this world fighting the…

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Navy Seal Woman…and the Huffington Post

I apologize for not getting back to this post as I had said that I would. I have a bad tendency to let life dictate my schedule more than it ought to. This is the final installment on stereotyping, and I would like to direct your attention to two articles. One of which has just came out rather recently about a Navy Seal who decided he wanted to go transgender.

You may be wondering what I am thinking, how there is a connection between the two. It is the mentality and propaganda that is in the Huffington Post article that has lead to what we now see on CNN; a  Navy Seal deciding to be have a sex change. I hope to encourage you to read both articles, and try to see how the Huffington Post article is incredibly flawed, laced with shallow logic and lots of deception.

” We have fallen for it so fully that the Church is now commonly known as the original source for traditional gender roles, and we march forward, “responsibly” protecting one of the most life-limiting, God-contradicting lies ever bought by mankind. We are to be the ones throwing off the shallow assumptions and giving freedom where it was meant to exist, not the ones propagating it.”  -Lauren Dubinsky

She has some o.k. points in her article, but the main problem is her coming to the wrong conclusions, implying things she ought not to. In the above quote taken from her article we see her implying that that traditional gender roles is a bad thing. This is about as far from the truth as we can get, for I assure you the tradition gender roles have held the family together. The traditional gender roles are far more based on Scripture than the modern scenario we have today where the husband is the stay-at-home dad, and the wife is the lawyer bringing home the bread. This is not a good picture of the Trinity, for it is a backwards and reversed image.

Lauren Dubinsky would have us ‘accept’ men like ‘Kristen’ Beck. And the acceptance that she speaks of, is what has lead to this former Navy Seal deciding to pretend to be a woman. Of course there are many other factors that play a role. But while the whole world is saying that we must ‘accept’ and ‘support’ in order to be loving I say no. The loving thing to do is to point out the sin so that it may be repented of.

Free Download: J. I. Packer’s Knowing God

Right now you can go to christianaudio.comand download the audio version of J. I. Packer’s book, Knowing God for free. I highly recommend everyone to take advantage of this. I personally don’t usually listen to audio versions of books, but if its free, why not? I just found out today about the Christian Audio website, and it seems that they offer free things every so often if you sign up for their email list.  I have not actually read, or in this case, listened to, the book. However, I know that J. I. Packer is incredibly recommended and highly regarded. If any of ya’ll have read this book, or listened to the audio recording I’d love to hear about it.

Brendan MacFarlane: America’s Next Greatest Talent

Do you know what I am doing right now? I am listening to America’s next greatest talent. I found a video using StumbleUpon, but I am not joking…this is America’s next Justin Beiber, except the Country/Christian/Gospel version with more skill and a whole lotta soul. Brendan MacFarlane is his name, and if you havn’t google’d him do it. Now. This kid is going to shoot to the top. Except there is one problem….Brendan MacFarlane is not American, he’s Scottish.

Scotland born,  Brendan MacFarlane has a unique style, and one that the Christian community is in desperate need of in America. Can I say that I am tired of the same kind of Christian music that keeps getting pumped out by the music industry like a factory? Is this a sign of the changing times? His music is an amazing combination of gospel, country/folk with a little blues here and there. An amazing combination that is nothing new and yet not too common. The country and Christian music industry here would love this guy. All I can say is I hope Scotland doesn’t mind sharing their young prodigy.

If you haven’t heard any of his music on Youtube, you can follow the links below here. It appears that he is coming out with his debut album soon (not soon enough!) so keep a look out, you might just see a revival of the ‘old time religion’ music! It’s a shame we can’t claim him as our own.

Brendan MacFarlane: Sat Down With the Devil

Brendan MacFarlane: Looking for Jesus

Visit the website at

Two Christians Murdered for Witnessing in Boynton Beach – Christian Newswire

VISTA, Calif., Feb. 5 /Christian Newswire/ — “Anti-Christian hostility is getting increasingly deadly as this week’s tragic events demonstrate,” said Dr. Gary Cass of the Christian Anti-Defamation Commission. “The increasing demonization of Christians in our culture makes some feel its open season on Christians.”

According to the Boynton Beach police, simply sharing the word of God on the street is what brought two ministers to the man who killed them. Tite Sufra, 24, and Stephen Ocean, 23, were shot and killed Saturday night after meeting Jeriah Woody, 18. They witnessed to Woody for fifteen minutes when he got a phone call and told the preachers he ‘had to go.’ As they walked away, Woody suddenly started walking back toward them. Sufra walked up to greet him and was killed with a shot gun blast at point blank range. When Ocean ran, he was shot in the back. After he fell, Woody shot him in the head execution style. Woody was arrested Wednesday and is charged with two counts of first-degree murder.

I know this news is kind of late, but I feel this is something we need to be aware of, if you would like to keep reading click the link below.

via Two Christians Murdered for Witnessing in Boynton Beach – Christian Newswire.