It’s Time to Replace Feminism’s Tired Agenda

Women for Men

Karen Woodall explains why modern feminism has nothing to do with gender equality. 

A conversation this week with a global campaigner on equality for men and boys has spurred on my thinking about the biggest issue we face in delivery of services to support families through separation.  That issue is, of course, feminism and the stranglehold it has upon design of policy, delivery of services which carry out that policy and evaluation of those service which in turn goes to feed the development of the policies which govern the delivery of services…you get my drift.

This circular, self replicating process has one thing in common and that is feminism.  Everywhere you look, where children are concerned, health, education, family and anything linked to that, feminism drives the policy, the practice and the evaluation of the policy which in turn drives the practice and so on.

The discussion I was having…

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One response to “It’s Time to Replace Feminism’s Tired Agenda

  • charlypriest

    Great article by Karen Woodall, thanks for putting it up on your page.
    The movement now I believe is out dated, started as something good and nobel but it has become obsolete. Plus the money factor, all that money that goes to this movements could be used to help poor Makumba over in Africa being eaten by flies.
    I think people have too much time in their hands, don´t know maybe they get bored and come up with some screwed up thing to fight for.

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