Another reason to #homeschool: Public School Made My Kid Imagine Herself Dying in the Twin Towers on 9/11


“A language arts teacher at Fairview Junior High in Alvin, Texas asked students to pretend they were trapped in one of the towers or planes, then asking who they would write a letter to if they knew they were going to die.”

Parents were understandably outraged.

Then my daughter came home from her Austin, Texas high school to tell me that she too had an assignment in her drama class where she had to imagine herself in the twin towers on 9/11 just before the planes hit.

She was told to write about what she would miss most (you know, because she was dead) and what she would regret she never got to do (again, because terrorists killed her by slamming a jet into the building she was in).

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Sadly enough, when…

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