The Violence Against Men

The Violence Against Men

For any of my readers who believe that violence is a ‘gender’ problem for women….

This is a 2002 Department of Justice Statistic, follow the address that you see in the picture and do the research yourself, the media and the feminists are telling you lies.


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19 responses to “The Violence Against Men

  • heatherslibrary

    Will you please describe what you think the significance of what you highlighted means?

    • masondan

      The highlighted text is an endeavor to refute the notion that violence is disproportionately biased against women, and being by men at that. Of course, statistics are always changing, but none the less, can prove useful. I take it there is some sort of confusion?

  • heatherslibrary

    In what context do you endeavor to refute that notion? I don’t see how what you highlighted is helpful, unless you expand upon and explain. The quote says that men are 10x more likely than women to commit a murder, and when a woman does commit a murder she is more likely to target a man, than a woman. But how does that balance out, when men are killing 10x more than women? And what percentage of women killed, are killed by a man? And in what context?

    • masondan

      You are refusing the see. Men being 10x more likely to kill, does not mean that they are killing women more. Though I cannot quote right now, men tend to kill men more then they do women. Secondly, balancing out is not the intention, showing that the feminists have skewed the data, and that people do not know what they think they know is the point. Do your research and search for truth. Don’t stop until you have it.

  • heatherslibrary

    Men being 10x more likely to kill, does imply that men are killing women more than women are killing men. Please explain yourself better. Again, how is it helpful to note that men tend to kill men more than they do women? What is the skewed data you are attempting to refute? When I mentioned context, it is because I was thinking of the context of intimate partner violence. And because I do research, and search for truth, I know that in that context, men commit more murders and more violent acts against their female partners, than women commit against men. This is true inside and outside of the Christian church. May I ask what you have read on the topic of abuse and oppression?

    • masondan

      Context is irrelevant, the data is about violence. In or out of context, men are more violent; in or out of any sort of context you would like to establish, men are more violent then women. But simultaneously, in or out of any established context, men are, as a whole and in general…more often the victims then women. This is contrary to what is considered common knowledge. Where are your stats? I have yet to see anything that has refuted what I have posted. Books on oppression and abuse are also irrelevant, statistics appeal to numbers, while books appeal to emotions.

      I’m hoping that all has not lead to further confusion, but more clarity.

  • lilyofthevalley

    So, let me see if I understand you right: Are you saying that feminist have portrayed females to be the only victims in most incidents and therefore a call to encourage women to stand up for themselves and then they (feminists) point the finger at the men and imply they are rotten? In light of what the feminists have said, you post this article to bring up the point that the feminists have neglected to share that men are more likely to be victims of crimes (not women). Basically man vs. man rather than man vs. female. Is this what you are trying to get across?

    • masondan

      This absolutely correct, you have done a much better job articulating what I was trying to say. There are a few other implications with which I am trying to assert; that men are more the victims then the women. The mere fact that men do more killing, does not mean that they are killing women. The greater victim is the men. Thank you for doing such a great job of explaining things for me.

  • Elyse

    You just followed my blog, and I have no idea why. I’ve now looked at two of your posts. You and I have nothing in common.

    I do not understand why you would want to waste your time reading my stuff.

    • masondan

      People always have something in common, if we cannot find anything, then we are simply not trying hard enough.

      Apparently you do not think your writings are a ‘waste of time’ or you would not write it. I am sure we can find many things that we agree on. Iron sharpens iron, what better way to grow and learn?


  • cat9984

    I also think it’s important to know that not all victims of sexual abuse are women, although women do make up the vast majority. In many cases, men are too embarrassed to report it.

  • tcresa

    I don’t know why this has to be a contest. The statistics do show that women are more likely to report, be seriously injured or killed by an abusive spouse. Male victims exist, it’s real and reporting for them is difficult. Statistics are useful in knowing how to approach a problem, provide services, but any form of intimate partner violence is a personal and societal issue. It affects children in these unions adversely, whether the man or the woman is the abuser. The issue is violence by one person against another in an intimate setting where there should be trust and support. It doesn’t help male victims to overstate the problem.

  • navigator1965


    Thanks for the follow. I can send you a superb peer-reviewed, published academic paper that will give you all the facts on this topic, if you’d like. It will have to wait a week until I get home from.

    Also, were the stats that you quoted above to have treated abortion as homicide, I suspect that they would have painted a very different picture of gender and violence.

  • misterjep

    Oh man! You really hate women. Maybe you don’t need a class. Maybe you need therapy.

    • masondan

      My friend you very seriously misunderstand; I am fighting for equality. I am standing up for women, fighting male chauvinism and female chauvinism. I am promoting love instead of hatred.

      • jeaninelu

        I really don’t know whether I can share your idea on violence being disproportionately biased against women. I rather believe violence is mainly a ‘gender’ concern for women. “Violence against women” resulted in, physical, sexual or mental harm or suffering such as threats, domination, coercion or illogical deprivation of liberty, has been proven by many organisations a gender-based violence.
        From an historical concept, women were perceived as “property” to be subservient to men. There were unequal power relations between men and women, which lead to discrimination and violence against, and domination over women by men.
        Around the world, the law gave a husband the right to physically chastise and inflict corporal punishment to his wife with the aim to keep her “within the bounds of duty”. Even though that law has been officially dismissed, it is still running in many men mind, women are more likely to be victimised by their partners, and 70% of murders of women are committed by their partners or ex-partners.
        Although men are sometimes victim of violence by women, their percentage is very low, women are much more likely exposed by violence than men. For example the militarism and warfare produce increased violence against women, even the Bible has mentioned the phenomena: “For I will gather all the nations against Jerusalem to battle, and the city shall be taken and the houses plundered and the women raped…” Zechariah 14:2 “Their little children will be dashed to death before their eyes. Their homes will be sacked, and their wives will be raped.”Isaiah 13:16
        It’s well known that sometimes police officers misuse their power to physically and sexually harass and assault women who mostly don’t report the violence due to the embarrassment or the fact that the complaint will go nowhere. Today, Human Rights are exceeded by global issue of women kidnapped and used as sex workers/slaves against their will.
        Other common example in the society is “sexism” the hidden and most extreme and hazardous system of violence against women that can be found in the workforce, politic etc.
        Although the abusive behaviour has become unacceptable by modern laws, Many women who experience violence continue to be blamed and defamed by the society and sometimes they see their rights denied by the Court…This explains why many women who have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused don’t report the crime; they have become exposed to serious health problems.

  • Anneque G. Malchien

    Very much so. I’ve worked with women’s refuge in the past, and recently wrote a story on the subject of male rape. Even working with women we saw many cases where the men were totally overlooked by the law. A man is expected to be strong enough to take a beating, and current laws turn a blind eye to emotional manipulation. The western world needs to see serious reforms to its laws and its mentality towards violence against men.

  • barbarastanley

    If people from all points of view would base their facts on God’s word, there would be no wide disparity of views. God wants all men to treat women as valuable, with respect and held in high esteem. God wants all women to be the ones who hold the family together. This can be accomplished in many different ways, but God does not want women to act like men or for men to act like women. Each has a role to play and each should have the respect of the other.

  • Carl D'Agostino

    In Florida an accusation of the non custodial parent(father) of sexual molestation means you do not see the child for at least 1 years if indeed it will be resolved if in not more time. In the meantime your career, professional license and possible prison are a daily worry. Thanks visit my blog.

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