Re-Blogged: Men and Daddies

Re-blogged from The Diary of a Slave

Throughout the years, as I have grown into a man, married and had children, I have noticed a disturbing trend. This trend, to be completely frank about it, is feminist geared and straight from the pits of hell. I have noticed:

  • Men are being neutered
  • Men are being persecuted by the woman who, in this society has the power and gumption to take on anyone and not stop until they have achieved their goals.
  • Fathers are being fazed out.
  • Husbands are being forced to be sit down and be quiet while the wife goes to work, leads the church and runs for gov’t.
  • Men are being told, ‘We don’t even need your sperm anymore’.

What is a man supposed to do? God has clear commandments for us to follow and society has made it nearly impossible to do so. What are we supposed to do? This page will attempt through the Holy Spirit to guide us, instruct us and encourage us to be the men God has destined us to be. This won’t be about using chainsaws, swigging back beer and growing a great big beard, it will be about following Christ’s example, and treating those around us the way THE MAN of men did. He is our hero, our champion, let us follow in His gigantic footsteps, shall we?

“My main ambition in life is to be on the devil’s most wanted list.”


December 3, 2010

Men, are you taking care of your homes? I know you are good at taking care of your employees, stocks and such, but what about home? What about your children and wife?

John MacArthur does a wonderful sermon on this very subject. To listen to it, click HERE

To download this sermon in MP3, click HERE

Read more here:


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