Navy Seal Woman…and the Huffington Post

I apologize for not getting back to this post as I had said that I would. I have a bad tendency to let life dictate my schedule more than it ought to. This is the final installment on stereotyping, and I would like to direct your attention to two articles. One of which has just came out rather recently about a Navy Seal who decided he wanted to go transgender.

You may be wondering what I am thinking, how there is a connection between the two. It is the mentality and propaganda that is in the Huffington Post article that has lead to what we now see on CNN; a  Navy Seal deciding to be have a sex change. I hope to encourage you to read both articles, and try to see how the Huffington Post article is incredibly flawed, laced with shallow logic and lots of deception.

” We have fallen for it so fully that the Church is now commonly known as the original source for traditional gender roles, and we march forward, “responsibly” protecting one of the most life-limiting, God-contradicting lies ever bought by mankind. We are to be the ones throwing off the shallow assumptions and giving freedom where it was meant to exist, not the ones propagating it.”  -Lauren Dubinsky

She has some o.k. points in her article, but the main problem is her coming to the wrong conclusions, implying things she ought not to. In the above quote taken from her article we see her implying that that traditional gender roles is a bad thing. This is about as far from the truth as we can get, for I assure you the tradition gender roles have held the family together. The traditional gender roles are far more based on Scripture than the modern scenario we have today where the husband is the stay-at-home dad, and the wife is the lawyer bringing home the bread. This is not a good picture of the Trinity, for it is a backwards and reversed image.

Lauren Dubinsky would have us ‘accept’ men like ‘Kristen’ Beck. And the acceptance that she speaks of, is what has lead to this former Navy Seal deciding to pretend to be a woman. Of course there are many other factors that play a role. But while the whole world is saying that we must ‘accept’ and ‘support’ in order to be loving I say no. The loving thing to do is to point out the sin so that it may be repented of.


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