Conversation with a Son

Imagine with me for a moment, while I walk with my son, trying to teach him that a man does not hit a woman. Not a real man that is. I imagine the conversation might go something like this;

DAD “You see son, a man doesn’t hit a woman. It’s not right. A man is supposed to be protecting a woman.”

SON “Why?” As he looks up at you with the ever curious eyes that a child has.

DAD “Well son, it’s a man’s job, his God given job. It’s wrong for a man to hit a woman because men have an unfair advantage, being stronger. It’s just the way God made men and women. The strong must protect the weak, if you don’t, that’s bad.”

As we walk by the boxing ring that my wife is in, a cop who is training for her job, fighting with another man, my son looks at me and asks;

SON “What about Mommy? The man over there just hit her and she is hitting him back!”

DAD “Well, kiddo, Mommy is a cop and is training so she can protect people, so can protect men and woman out there.”

SON “Men like you Daddy?”

DAD “Well, yeah…me too, men like me.”

SON “But what are you doing to protect Mommy, are you training too? You said a man protects a woman.”


SON “Johnny at schools says his mom is a soldier and in combat, do people hit her? Do the bad guys know that they can’t hit her Daddy?”

…..more silence….

SON “Why is she protecting you Dad, if your supposed to protect her? Is that her God given job Daddy?”

What do I tell my son? We all know that that boy will see what his mother is doing as a masculine thing, even if he has never heard the word ‘masculine’. It should be clear that this reversal is a very unhealthy and dangerous one, emasculating men, and confusing boys and girls. The line has been crossed the line that separated man from woman. We need to redraw those lines.


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4 responses to “Conversation with a Son

  • quaeroderosh

    I just wrote a little blog series on how guys should deal with girls, and throughout the posts I emphasized the different roles men and women have. One of those topics dealt with hitting women and your question brings up some interesting thoughts. While it is quite valiant for a woman to step up to serve her country, I personally believe that men should be the primary protectors, and when there is a need for women to serve in the Army or do do other such masculine things, men have failed to do their job. From the beginning, God intended man and woman to have separate roles, each according to their design.

    • masondan

      I whole-heartedly agree with you. I am very interested to read the series you have wrote! I do think though, with regards to women serving in the military that it is not actually something that we as a country ‘need’. I have done a bit of research and we are actually perfectly capable of manning the military services without women, we have let them join more as a matter of ‘equality’ and appeasing people. I think the failure on men’s part is a matter of letting the women join, and failing to help them to understand that a man and a gentlemen will protect a woman, not just his own, but all of them. So therefore, voting to put women in the front lines of combat can hardly be seen as protecting women. Men have been convinced that we must encourage masculine behavior in women, other wise we are holding them back. This is so opposite of the truth! I cannot wait to read your posts, and thanks for commenting on mine.

      • quaeroderosh

        Hmm, interesting thought, “I think the failure on men’s part is a matter of letting the women join, and failing to help them to understand that a man and a gentlemen will protect a woman, not just his own, but all of them.” That is a bold statement right there, and there are many who would shout you down for saying that. Yet I must agree with you. It is so extremely hard to stand up and not just say that women shouldn’t fight, but that men failed when they let them fight. I’ll have to ponder this one.

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