Have Pity for a Man’s Soul

Awake to a deeper sense of the sorrowful state of those who are without Christ. We are often reminded of the many who are without food or clothing or school or church. Let us pity them, and help them, as far as we can. But let us never forget that there are people whose state is far more pitiable. Who are they? The people without Christ! Have we relatives without Christ? Let us feel for them, pray for them, speak to the King about them, strive to recommend the gospel to them. Let us leave no stone unturned in our efforts to bring them to Christ. Have we neighbors without Christ? Let us labor in every way for their soul’s salvation. The night comes when none can work. Happy are they who live under the abiding conviction that to be in Christ is peace, safety, and happiness; and that to be without Christ is to be on the brink of destruction.

~ J.C. Ryle


We all to easy look at folks that are unsaved and might be tempted to think “They’ll get what they deserve” or “Not my problem, they just ain’t worth it” but I beg you my friends, if this be your thoughts,  or your attitude, think again. Take pity on such men, contemplate what is at stake, and do so until it motivates you into action.


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I write from the historic protestant worldview, that is, Reformed. I hope you will be both blessed and challenged by my writings. View all posts by Daniel Mason

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