Love and Emotions

“Love is not first a feeling. Thought the feelings come later and grow thick in the basic loam of love, they don’t constitute the sum and substance of love. Love is doing whatever good God says you must do for another, to please God, whether (at first) it pleases you or not. You must do so because He says so; and you don’t wait until you feel like doing so. Love begins with obedience toward God in which one gives to another whatever the other needs. Love is not a gooey, sticky sentimental thing; it is hard to love. Often it hurts to love. Love meant going to the cross through the garden of Gethsemane. Christ did not feel like dying for your sins, Christian, but He did so nonetheless. The Scriptures teach that he endured the cross while focusing on the subsequent joy that it would bring.”
Jay E. Adams, How to Overcome Evil


Well said and the truth indeed. If you are struggling at work or at home, to forgive or be merciful, or any other aspect of love that we find in Scripture, remember, in time the positive emotions you seek will indeed come. I have heard people say, “I CAN’T forgive her” but I assure you as strong as these feelings are, that is precisely what we are describing. Our emotions tell us that we CAN’T but in fact we can, thanks to the grace of God and the work of the Holy Spirit. It will not always be easy, in fact I think sometimes it will be made progressively difficult so that we will progressively grow more and more in love. But I assure, that you in fact CAN. If you are having troubles, start with prayer, for we are told to pray for the Lord to bless our enemies. I can personally testify to this helping very much, though sometimes it means a lot of praying. Keep fighting good fight!


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