Discipline and Godliness: Jay Adams Quote

      There is no such thing as instant godliness. Today there is instant pudding, instant coffee, instant houses shipped on trucks, instant everything. And counselees want instant godliness as well. They want somebody to give them three easy steps to godliness that they can take nest Friday and be godly. They want counselors to speak magic words, sprinkle wiffle dust on them, or wave their Bibles over them to effect instant change. The trouble is, godliness doesn’t come that way.

The Christian Counselor’s Manual: The Practice of Nouthetic Counseling (Jay Adams Library)


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7 responses to “Discipline and Godliness: Jay Adams Quote

  • jwswift22

    I have tremendous respect for nouthetic counselling and Jay Adams in particular. I took advanced biblical counselling courses using his materials as a primary source.

    Though salvation is instantaneous in securing the believer, godliness is a working out of our salvation into real life. There is nothing more discouraging for a believer than being given those “three easy steps to godliness” and then finding out they can’t do it.
    It takes time patience and many ups and downs on the way.

    Great quote so true!!

  • masondan

    So do I, though I have just recently been introduced to Jay Adams and Nouthetic counseling. I am only taking an Into to Counseling class right now, but his books were brought up and recommended so I checked him out. Glad I did too! I usually have some troubles trying new authors I’m afraid, I like to stick to what is tried and true kind of thing. I am glad you are familiar with him and his works, it’s always encouraging meeting others who can confirm things I come across, thanks for the input, it’s always appreciated. Have you had a chance to put into practice what Adams teaches and talks about? Just curious.

  • christlovesevenme

    I’m going to get my degree in biblical counseling. Jay Adam’s approach is very effective! I love that he focuses on biblical prinicipals rather than his own ideas and opinons. The three C’s
    (confrontation, concern and change) he embraces are a great approach for getting to the source of the problem and through the work of the Holy Spirit changing it. If couseling is done properly the counselor is simply an empty vessel willing to be used by God to sanctify and refine the one being counseled.

    Thanks for the post!
    God bless!

  • Arron

    I like Adams as well and have personally benefitted from his writing as well as employing his advice in my ministry, but there’s a balance to be had – I don’t agree with all of his views on the place of medication in Christian counselling, and I think his doctrine of sanctification could do with fleshing out a little more biblically. Apart of that though, super stuff! Great quote, thanks for putting it.

    • masondan

      In regards to counseling do you have recommendations? Authors you would recommend besides Adams that is? Also if you don’t mind, you say you personally benefited from his advice and applied it to ministry, would you be able to elaborate some? I am eager to learn and have my ears wide open. And thanks for the comment, always appreciated.

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