Brendan MacFarlane: America’s Next Greatest Talent

Do you know what I am doing right now? I am listening to America’s next greatest talent. I found a video using StumbleUpon, but I am not joking…this is America’s next Justin Beiber, except the Country/Christian/Gospel version with more skill and a whole lotta soul. Brendan MacFarlane is his name, and if you havn’t google’d him do it. Now. This kid is going to shoot to the top. Except there is one problem….Brendan MacFarlane is not American, he’s Scottish.

Scotland born,  Brendan MacFarlane has a unique style, and one that the Christian community is in desperate need of in America. Can I say that I am tired of the same kind of Christian music that keeps getting pumped out by the music industry like a factory? Is this a sign of the changing times? His music is an amazing combination of gospel, country/folk with a little blues here and there. An amazing combination that is nothing new and yet not too common. The country and Christian music industry here would love this guy. All I can say is I hope Scotland doesn’t mind sharing their young prodigy.

If you haven’t heard any of his music on Youtube, you can follow the links below here. It appears that he is coming out with his debut album soon (not soon enough!) so keep a look out, you might just see a revival of the ‘old time religion’ music! It’s a shame we can’t claim him as our own.

Brendan MacFarlane: Sat Down With the Devil

Brendan MacFarlane: Looking for Jesus

Visit the website at


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