Fallen angels in Hell

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Due to the Rob Bell/Francis Chan debate, about whether or not Hell exists, and is universal salvation something we can believe in, are on the table and up for serious discussion I hope to tackle these books and issues over the next few months. Erasing Hell by Francis Chan and the related topic will be discussed over the course of the next few months, as time permits. To some, it may seem like a rather trivial thing really, I mean as long as we believe in the same God and worship and pray to the same God, what is really the problem right?

Well, part of the problem is a faulty view of God and of man. The balance between human free will and God’s complete sovereignty is crucial. Neither extremes are correct, and it is a paradoxical truth that we must come to terms with. To go so far as to say that God is in complete control and that I can’t help what I do, removes all responsibility, and yet their are those that advocate that mentality. But on the opposite side of the spectrum we have the “It’s all me, and my choice” aspect, which is also equally wrong.

We have a free will, and yet, confusingly, God is in complete control, so that in a sense…we have no control and nothing to worry about…yet in another sense, we are completely responsible. Perhaps I am confusing everyone, let me try again if I may.

Now this may not seem right, or fair…but it is both Biblical and accurate from my understanding. Essentially to sum it all up, I am completely responsible for my sin, even though God is in complete control and places me where He wants me in life, etc…I am totally responsible for my sinful decisions. But when I become a Christian, and I change and start doing works of righteousness and good…I cannot take credit for that. It is because of Him and Him alone. Now many may view this as an extremely negative view of mankind, but it is accurate, we can not boast, though we do try. Many people get the whole thing mixed up focusing too much on one and not the other…when both are accurate if balanced out and seen in relation to the other.

There is a danger that happens when we stare too intently at one and not the other…there is a fine line and we must find it…


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